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I’m Chris Smith and I’m running for Congress in Michigan’s 7th district. I’m running for a simple reason: I’m grateful for the hard work of my parents in giving me the opportunities I’ve had in life, and I take the lessons I learned from them in how I try to raise my daughters. I hope I can do right by them the way my parents did right by me. But, the sad thing is, I worry more and more every day that I’m failing them—that we all are failing the next generation.  

We’ve elected a President who prides himself on his reckless and irresponsible behavior. We’ve done irreparable damage to the environment. Too many students graduate college with crippling, lifelong debt. We’ve given them an economy where those of us who work hardest are rewarded the least. And we’ve given them a broken healthcare system that prevents many Americans from having access to care they need to survive.

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You don’t need to look far here in the Seventh District to see examples of ways that Donald Trump and Tim Walberg are not making America great. Workers here face lost jobs, reduced hours, and reduced wages and benefits due to the disastrous trade wars and trade deals that Trump and Walberg have pushed through. Another casualty of this trade war have been farmers, now forced to subsist on government subsidies after the international markets for their goods disappeared almost overnight. 

It doesn’t end with economic issues, either. We see this in our schools, where reduced funding and increased class sizes are taking their toll on our children’s ability to get a quality education that will prepare them for the career opportunities that are out there after graduation. We see it with our parents and grandparents, who stand to see significant cuts to Medicare and Social Security if Trump and Walberg get their way in the upcoming budget negotiations. 

Finally, and most personally for me, we are criminally ignoring the threat posed by climate change and the many ways it will affect our future, and not for the better. The first time I held my daughter, everything in my life changed—I’m sure any parents out there know the feelingand one of the biggest ways it changed was that my worldview shifted. In that moment, my primary concern became how I can create a better world and a better life for my daughter (now daughters) when I’m gone. I’m disappointed to say that, if we don’t make some serious changes, my daughters, their generation, and generations to follow will all live life a little bit worse off than the generation before them. I don’t want to see that happen. That’s why I’m running, and I hope you’ll work with me to turn that vision into a reality. 

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